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Etiquette – A blonde companion

For those who have never utilized my relaxation services:

I require advance booking, so be sure to contact me well in advance of your chosen date.  Please make sure you know your schedule when booking with me.  If you cancel prior to our meeting please be prepared to pay the cancellation fee.  If you should cancel on more than one occasion I am not the relaxation therapist for you and I will no longer be able to meet with you.  If you are going to be late, please contact me immediately.  If you are more than ten (10) minutes late, please understand that I may not be able to accommodate you beyond our scheduled meeting time.

I will ignore emails with vulgar, lewd, or sexually explicit language.  I will  ignore communications requesting illegal services.

I will not reply to emails that are one-liners and do not show  personality.  Please do not write to me using juvenile abbreviations EG “texting” language such as “Ur” for “You’re”, etc.  Good first impressions go a long way with me.

I will not send out any additional photos, please do not request them.  I value my privacy. Updated and candid photos can be found on my Twitter page.

ALWAYS, RESPECT ME!  If I have to bring this to your attention more than once during our time together, I will end our meeting and you forfeit the remainder of our time together.

Please make sure you are freshly showered and have minty fresh breath.  Should you be visiting me, I will provide amenities. Remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness!

Should you choose a swing club experience with this Sexy Swinger please be mindful that we are there as a couple and there is never any obligation for either of us to engage with other people if WE choose not to.

Lastly, as all good things come to an end, please be mindful of our time together and do not put me in the uncomfortable position of reminding you that our time has concluded. There will always be a next time with much more to look forward to!